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Mr Flibble's very cross

YARG! I missed national Talk Like a Pirate Day, *again*! >=[

I went to IKEA yesterday - LOL. Buying new furniture shouldn't get me so excited! That place is funky. I was instantly impressed with the whacked out revolving doors that make you feel like you're spinning, but you're really not. Bought an awesome desk lamp (its green!) so now I can actually sit at my desk and *see* what I'm doing. Also got a new quilt cover, which is lovely. 

Saw Nacho Libre on Monday. Made me wonder why I bothered -__- well, mainly because nothing else was on. I held some hope, as I don't mind Jack Black...but eh...the novelty of him wearing those sky-blue tights wore off pretty fast.

So, aside from all that, I've just been bumming around, really. Off uni for 2 weeks, sad that one of those has already gone. Still, it ain't too bad, this semester has generally been ok (apart from that 9 o'clock start on fridays for professional ethics, yeowch. My mad cockney tutor Andrew makes it worthwhile, though!). Working on the weekends: still useless with the till but at least the coffee machine hasn't spontaneously Mt Vesuvius'd on me again. In between all that I'm still looking for a car, and watching plentiful amounts of Red Dwarf xD

So, there's my yearly update, lol. Also just got a myspace account, coz I felt it was time to jump on the bandwagon there too! =P Dunno if I'll use it or not..
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