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Interview from Lisa!

1. What do you think of me really?

2. Is there anything about yourself you don't like? How would you change that negative view?

3. Is there anything you wish that'd never happen?

4. Do you have more offline friends than online ones?

5. Do you want a boyfriend?


1. I love you to pieces, you know that! You are very sweet and so thoughtful, and yeh make me laugh no end! But I wish I could meet you in real life to try to knock some sense into you, woman! It's tough trying to reassure someone what a wonderful person they are over the internetz.

2. I don't like my constant anxiety over anything and everything. I worry over perfection too much...how would I change it? I'd try to change this by just trying to relax a little more, and accepting that it's ok to make mistakes.

3. I don't want to fall out of friendship with anyone I know. Even if its someone I was never gonna see again, as long as we left on good terms, it's all good with me.

4. Offline. I have different groups that I hang around with, so yeah. But in terms of online acquaintances, I have loads of those!

5. Heehee...well, yes and no. Yes, I'd so be there if someone perfect came along, but at the same time, I like cruising along and enjoying my freedom.


This is the part where I'm meant to offer an interview to anyone who comments, but...I really don't know if I have the time! Lisa, I'll write some for you, if you want.
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