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Rage against the machine...

So me and the iron had a showdown yesterday morning. I dunno if I mentioned anything about the ongoing war I have with this appliance, but its been raging since early December, when it resolutely singed a hole through my work shirt. Did I deserve that?! Obviously I must have upset it at some point, because it wasn't through with me yet - oh no, come New Years Eve the sunnuva bitch gave me a 3rd degree burn on my arm! Well, perhaps not 3rd degree but it bloody well hurt, and now I have a horrible manky scar *pouts*

I'd had enough. I strolled in there yesterday, said "Now then: don't give me any gip you bastard," and plugged it in. Surprisingly, it behaved itself! Well, it spluttered and spat and hissed at me while I used it, but I wasn't going to take any crap. I showed it who was boss...still, despite my confidence, I did hold it at arm's length just in case it tried to strangle me with it's cord or anything. You never can tell with irons.

...I think I've been in Kapunda for way too long.

Gotta do all my uni timetable planning on Monday, I have it all worked out: I'm gonna cram all my stuff into one half of the day, so I have maximum time off! Yeehaw!

That's all there is to update, really. Oh yeah, we have new carpet in the lounge room. Thrilling I know, but I just love that new carpet smell. Its put me in a bit of a strange mood today. Mmmmmm carpet fumes.

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