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Spent all day on computer...gahh, my eyes! >_


This is not going to make any sense to any of you, unless you're a regular at TIA forums. Even then...you still may not have any idea, unless you're Danny, Maria or Stephen XD

Basically it's just a character from a comic type thing. I was suddenly struck with inspiration yesterday afternoon, so I had a go at some lineart on Photoshop and hey presto! That's an egg she's holding, and yes those are boobs - it's a chick! The face is very Black Mage-ish, so not very original there. But it's the first non-copied piece I've done for ages, so I'm a little proud! Not finished yet, by the way. Messy lines around the place need cleaning up, and a simple kind of BG is needed.

I'm glad I'm back into drawing again. I've realised that my ultimate dream career in life would be an animator, in some film studio or something, whether it's stop motion or CGI or whatever. It's a long road ahead, I know XD but at least it's some sort of goal to aim for, which is more than I've had so far in my 19 years!

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