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A bit of excitement!......and I missed it XD

There was a bloody fire over at the mines, and I didn't even know!

I'm sitting there having a cuppa when the siren goes off. 5 minutes later I see not one, not two but THREE fire engines hooning down the path over at the mines! When I saw two cop cars following them, I started to think something was going on. So I go outside, walk up the hill and see that about 30 metres from my back gate some total arse head has lit a fire!! The grass was all black and smoking - not just a small patch of it either, all up the hill and everything. And to think I was sitting there, totally oblivious, while just over the fence a crazed pyromaniac was striking a match!

Its all go in Kapunda today, I tell you.

Phew, in other news, my Great Auntie passed away the other morning, so all's a bit quiet in the family at the mo. She sent me little presents every year for my birthday and Christmas, and I never even got to meet her.... :( her last letter to me said "We hope to see you here very, very soon, as we're all getting terribly old!"
Such a shame. She was so lovely, too.

So now I'm wanting to go over to the UK more than ever! Oh well, my cousin Rebecca and her fiance Paul are coming over to visit this year, maybe I'll hitch a ride back with them.

That'll do for an update from me, for now. Birthday in like...2 weeks? No, less than that...more like a week! Shiiiiit. I really outta organise something :S

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