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Date:2007-01-14 16:26
Mood: calm

OH MY GOD...I'm so going to AvCon this year XD Desperate to let my inner geek outta the bag and cosplay, no doubt I'll chicken out though. But I'd like to submit some fan art or something, for once. 
Oh yeah, happy new year, all! LOL...its a bit late. I haven't been here because I haven't really had alot to say. Been playing KHII (AXEL <3 <3 <3). Seen some mooooovies (Night at the Museum and The Holiday) and have been looking at cars. Father is apparently going to contribute some funds towards that, so yay XD

Gutted that I couldn't go to the bogan fancy dress party on Saturday night!! Would've been a hoot. Got a 'gender confused' one to go to next week. WTF I'm going to do for that, I just don't know. Lawl.

How awesome is this weather?! Its about 24, cool, breezy, and sunny, and just beautiful. Summer should really just stay like this, I think. No hotter, thanks.

Lots of little things I could say, but its all boring, so I'll bugger off again now. Toodles!
*buggers off*

PS. Lisa, just want to thank you sooooo much for the presents - they finally got here!! I'm currently writing you a letter, and I've got you some things that I'm gonna send over very soon <3 it shouldn't take too long to get there!

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Date:2006-11-13 10:11

Feeling quite sad today. I met my cousin Becky and her boyfriend Paul for the first time in my life a few days ago - that was crazy! They're over from england, but they've been travelling around the US, New zealand and Australia, and they're just about to go to Asia. So lucky :( so yeah, they stayed a couple of days, but now they're off again to do Victoria and NSW. They'll be back for Chrissy, but it was sad to say goodbye :\ *shrug* I have a small family, so its a big deal when I finally do get to see 'em. They're both so lovely ^___^

Uni's nearly over for another year....whooooh. I have one more article to write (which is due today...whoops! I should really get going on that) then I'm free. 

Kayla and I are getting our tickets to Little Britain later =D can't wait for that, it's gonna be hillarious.

I need a new phone. Well...*want* a new phone.

Oh, PS - trying to round up some of my games that I've lent to various peoples! I'm not desperate or anything, was just noticing my games shelf is looking a little bare!

* Final Fantasy IX - That'd be Luke. Whenever you're done with it darling, just send it back over ^__^
* Final Fantasy VIII disk...1? I forget - Kayla, I think? Again, not urgent for it back or anything, just double checking you still have it! Don't wanna lose track of it, coz PS1 games are so hard to replace these days O_o unless you have access to eBay. Which I do not.
* Final Fantasy X-2 - Hodgey. Not that he'll see this. Amusing that he gave back all my others, but decided to hang onto the one with the scantily clad women. Err...?
* Kingdom hearts 1 - Ashleigh has this. I'll pry it off him sometime.

Wow, long entry, and not really about anything interesting. Ah well. Hope you're all behaving yourselves anyway.



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Date:2006-09-22 12:26
Subject:Mr Flibble's very cross
Mood: weird

YARG! I missed national Talk Like a Pirate Day, *again*! >=[

I went to IKEA yesterday - LOL. Buying new furniture shouldn't get me so excited! That place is funky. I was instantly impressed with the whacked out revolving doors that make you feel like you're spinning, but you're really not. Bought an awesome desk lamp (its green!) so now I can actually sit at my desk and *see* what I'm doing. Also got a new quilt cover, which is lovely. 

Saw Nacho Libre on Monday. Made me wonder why I bothered -__- well, mainly because nothing else was on. I held some hope, as I don't mind Jack Black...but eh...the novelty of him wearing those sky-blue tights wore off pretty fast.

So, aside from all that, I've just been bumming around, really. Off uni for 2 weeks, sad that one of those has already gone. Still, it ain't too bad, this semester has generally been ok (apart from that 9 o'clock start on fridays for professional ethics, yeowch. My mad cockney tutor Andrew makes it worthwhile, though!). Working on the weekends: still useless with the till but at least the coffee machine hasn't spontaneously Mt Vesuvius'd on me again. In between all that I'm still looking for a car, and watching plentiful amounts of Red Dwarf xD

So, there's my yearly update, lol. Also just got a myspace account, coz I felt it was time to jump on the bandwagon there too! =P Dunno if I'll use it or not..

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Date:2006-07-12 00:29
Subject:I <3 holidays
Mood: accomplished

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Date:2006-07-06 22:54
Subject:Spent all day on computer...gahh, my eyes! >_
Mood: artistic

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Date:2006-06-30 22:08
Mood: content

Guten tag!

Holidays are going well. I am knitting a scarf (LOL). I'm such a Nanna. Just trying to be creative, so the 3 weeks last longer. I keep meaning to boot up Photoshop and work on some old pictures but the whole process is so slow! I should put it on my laptop...did I mention? I have a laptop now! It's very nice. I'm just keeping it for work, really, but my god, it's just BEAUTIFUL for playing DVDs on.

Speaking of DVDs, I went shopping today and got Family Guy season one (Finally!!! Been waiting for a chance to buy it for ages now) and Corpse Bride...I thought it'd be a good one to add to my 'animation' collection.

Also bought copious amounts of jewellery and some new tops.

Hmm, dilemma about next weekend :( been invited to see Pirates of the Caribbean by both Sam, and Kayla & Meagan. Grghh. This always seems to happen. I don't see anyone for days and then all of a sudden, everyone's doing stuff on the same night. I'll have to think this one over.

Other stuff's going well. Will be going to Melbourne with the folks sometime the week after next. Hooray for getting out of Kapunda!

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Date:2006-06-21 22:46

Rebecca -

I can't reply to your journal, so I'll make a special entry in mine just for you, lol.

I use this code:

< style type="text/css">
< !--
body {
background-image: url(http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/6104/ljwallpaper2fd.jpg) !important;
background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
background-attachment: fixed !important;
< /style>

Obviously, where I've got the picture in there, you just replace it with a link of your own =P I know nothing about all this stuff, Sarah gave me this code back when i first got my LJ, and I'm still using it! I 'spose if it ain't broke, don't fix it, lol.

Everyone else...hello! *waves*

Proper update soon, I promise. Looking forward to my last (and only) exam, so I can put an end to all this anxiety!


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Date:2006-05-24 21:45
Subject:Bit of nostalgia!
Mood: content

I feel SO good tonight!! Despite having a cold, after 2 weeks of feeling horrible and run down, I'm finally back on track! And NOT stressed! I'm making an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour, and eat decent meals. "Not having enough time" is no excuse, Gemma! These past two weeks have really made me realise I need to take better care of myself.

Anyways, moving on -


I was just hanging around on YouTube and dug out this classic video clip!!


Come on, don't pretend you've forgotten! I remember rocking out to this when I was 10. Barbie Girl sucked. This one was the shit. What is with that little robot?!

Also found one of The Spice Girls. Brought back many memories!

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Date:2006-05-14 14:47
Subject:Huzzah! Update!
Mood: crazy

~It's Mother's Day...so I'm being extra nice to my Mum :]

~I still haven't finished my essay. I'm getting there. Still, Measure for Measure is a pants play, don't read it.

~OMG - I am now a mod on AC.net!! Whoohoo! I have the power! This also acts as another reason to waste time there. I'm a nerd XD

~I've just realised how poor I am! Hmm. Want to buy a bzillion things, can't afford any of 'em. Haven't paid my union fees either - what bollockery!

~Been watching Bleach. LOVELOVELOVELOVE!!!!!

~Nescafe hazelnut instant cappuccino = MY SAVIOUR.

Over and out!

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Date:2006-05-10 22:51
Mood: determined

I'm gonna pull an all-nighter XD

Got behind in something, realised I have a heckuva lot of work to do. Sleep is just an inconvenience right now, so I'm bloody well staying up til it's done.

Wish meh luck!

*falls asleep on keyboard*

*wakes up*

Dammit!! Mustn't do that. Right. Caffeine ahoy!

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Date:2006-05-05 23:24
Subject:Interview from Lisa!
Mood: contemplative

1. What do you think of me really?

2. Is there anything about yourself you don't like? How would you change that negative view?

3. Is there anything you wish that'd never happen?

4. Do you have more offline friends than online ones?

5. Do you want a boyfriend?


1. I love you to pieces, you know that! You are very sweet and so thoughtful, and yeh make me laugh no end! But I wish I could meet you in real life to try to knock some sense into you, woman! It's tough trying to reassure someone what a wonderful person they are over the internetz.

2. I don't like my constant anxiety over anything and everything. I worry over perfection too much...how would I change it? I'd try to change this by just trying to relax a little more, and accepting that it's ok to make mistakes.

3. I don't want to fall out of friendship with anyone I know. Even if its someone I was never gonna see again, as long as we left on good terms, it's all good with me.

4. Offline. I have different groups that I hang around with, so yeah. But in terms of online acquaintances, I have loads of those!

5. Heehee...well, yes and no. Yes, I'd so be there if someone perfect came along, but at the same time, I like cruising along and enjoying my freedom.


This is the part where I'm meant to offer an interview to anyone who comments, but...I really don't know if I have the time! Lisa, I'll write some for you, if you want.

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Date:2006-04-25 11:06
Mood: cheerful

OMG! English version of Advent Children!! RENORENORENORENORENO!! <3 <3 <3 *dies like a fangirl*

Don't actually *own* it yet, but just the thought of it being released here is making my heart all fluttery. Saw some promotional thing for it in ezyDVD today and just about fell over. Right there, in the shop XD

Anyways - all's been well! Have been socialising alot, seeing lots of different people. Easter Weekend - Star Wars night at Stuart's. LMAO. Had sod all sleep. Journied around Kapunda. Played Soul Caliber II at dawn. An excellent night =D
Had coffee with Meagan in Gawler on Thursday, I think. Then went to Eryn's on Saturday for a video night, which was great! Although I admit I couldn't sleep after watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose...had a 3am freakout, then lol'd when I discovered it was actually 5:20 XD This one doesn't really count as socialising, but I helped my Dad tile the floor in the hallway, lol. We bonded, it was nice. Last night I went out to dinner with Lauren (Eliott), of all people!! :o Yeah, I know. It's been like...2 years, since I've had the chance to catch up with her. But I had the most awesome time, seriously - she is lovely. Laughed alot ^_^

Hoo boy! Enough rambling from me. Happy birthdays to Sam and Luke ^.^ W0RD.

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Date:2006-04-02 14:15
Subject:Time to let y'all know what vast amounts of boringness I've been up to =D
Mood: bouncy


So, just sitting here trying to write my Copyright and Intellectual Property presentation for Tuesday (I've done it on Powerpoint, and it looks teh secks). Aside from that, just...procrastinating, laughing at the drama on ACF, vaguely considering a cup of tea, and bloody loving daylight savings =D

Over and out.

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Date:2006-03-15 18:52

Just letting people know I'm presently uncontactable (is that a word?!) by mobile, as the little bastard has - just thisafternoon - conveniently died on me. Nrghhh. Only had it a year, too...ima give Optus a piece of my mind tomorrow!

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Date:2006-03-07 20:39

I'm thinking vaguely of doing a Tessa and getting a new LJ...this one just feels old and stale XD

Err, quick update, while I'm here - all's well with me, been spending my time at Writer's Week and the Fringe. All very cool, apart from the sunburn I got today - yeowch.

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Date:2006-02-09 19:36
Subject:A bit of excitement!......and I missed it XD
Mood: determined

There was a bloody fire over at the mines, and I didn't even know!

I'm sitting there having a cuppa when the siren goes off. 5 minutes later I see not one, not two but THREE fire engines hooning down the path over at the mines! When I saw two cop cars following them, I started to think something was going on. So I go outside, walk up the hill and see that about 30 metres from my back gate some total arse head has lit a fire!! The grass was all black and smoking - not just a small patch of it either, all up the hill and everything. And to think I was sitting there, totally oblivious, while just over the fence a crazed pyromaniac was striking a match!

Its all go in Kapunda today, I tell you.

Phew, in other news, my Great Auntie passed away the other morning, so all's a bit quiet in the family at the mo. She sent me little presents every year for my birthday and Christmas, and I never even got to meet her.... :( her last letter to me said "We hope to see you here very, very soon, as we're all getting terribly old!"
Such a shame. She was so lovely, too.

So now I'm wanting to go over to the UK more than ever! Oh well, my cousin Rebecca and her fiance Paul are coming over to visit this year, maybe I'll hitch a ride back with them.

That'll do for an update from me, for now. Birthday in like...2 weeks? No, less than that...more like a week! Shiiiiit. I really outta organise something :S


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Date:2006-02-01 21:05
Mood: sleepy

stolen from teh ruku, who stole from aaron, who stole from phil...etc...Collapse )

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Date:2006-01-10 17:44

...do you think it's possible to OD on frozen yoghurt...?

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Date:2006-01-06 21:42
Subject:Rage against the machine...
Mood: weird

So me and the iron had a showdown yesterday morning. I dunno if I mentioned anything about the ongoing war I have with this appliance, but its been raging since early December, when it resolutely singed a hole through my work shirt. Did I deserve that?! Obviously I must have upset it at some point, because it wasn't through with me yet - oh no, come New Years Eve the sunnuva bitch gave me a 3rd degree burn on my arm! Well, perhaps not 3rd degree but it bloody well hurt, and now I have a horrible manky scar *pouts*

I'd had enough. I strolled in there yesterday, said "Now then: don't give me any gip you bastard," and plugged it in. Surprisingly, it behaved itself! Well, it spluttered and spat and hissed at me while I used it, but I wasn't going to take any crap. I showed it who was boss...still, despite my confidence, I did hold it at arm's length just in case it tried to strangle me with it's cord or anything. You never can tell with irons.

...I think I've been in Kapunda for way too long.

Gotta do all my uni timetable planning on Monday, I have it all worked out: I'm gonna cram all my stuff into one half of the day, so I have maximum time off! Yeehaw!

That's all there is to update, really. Oh yeah, we have new carpet in the lounge room. Thrilling I know, but I just love that new carpet smell. Its put me in a bit of a strange mood today. Mmmmmm carpet fumes.


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Date:2005-12-31 20:24
Mood: cranky

Another year, gone, just like that.

Sad that 2005 is over, it was fun...knowing that 2006 is just around the corner is an exhausting thought. Can't we have a break between years?! It felt like a huge relief to get 2005 out of the way. As soon as tomorrow hits, it'll start all over again and I'll have another 365 days to get through, all that work and stress and god knows what else.

...Yes Gemma. What a pessimistic way of looking at things! I think I've gone troppo or something, its bloody hot today, and I'm all moody and absolutely fed up. So don't mind me!

XD Anyway. Happy New Year, all! Hope 2006 brings you what you want!

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